Saturday, 3 April 2010

Eggstra Special Easter

Painted to perfection!

The Poodle has survived a Paris Pacques! Thank God Cadburys doesnt exist over here- every time it's Easter in England I can't help but eat multiple mini eggs, cream eggs and all sorts of chocolate rabbits until I feel like vomiting. Luckily in Paris, greed and chocolate don't go together - it's a much more classy affair, where chocolate eggs in all their french finery are purchased to be enjoyed visually. The egg is a work of art and you have to admire the chocolate egg for much longer than this Poodle is used to...It's almost used as a dining table center piece, except that my dining table is a coffee table and that due to the ongoing Paris space shortage the egg was promoted to sitting on top of the television.

Nonetheless my magnificent easter egg from Maison Boissier which I was lucky enough to be bought by the Lapin de Pacques - that's Easter Bunny to you and I, was so beautiful that destroying it for chocolately consumption didn't even enter my head for a good couple of hours! Of course temptation took over when my cup of tea needed a sweet companion and by the time I thought to photograph it for my blog, there really wasnt enough left to picture! However, these French chocolate easter bells resound with the echo of my chocolate Boissier egg!

As much as I love to hate eating delicious chocolate Easter eggs for a good 2 or 3 days solid, without them it really wouldn't be Easter and along with many other fabulous things in life (champagne, wine, brie) we also have the French to thank for the delicacy that is the Easter egg- it was their idea orginally to use egg shells as moulds and fill them with chocolate, probably completely unaware of how popular they would become! So today, I would like to say, merci, la France, for another of life's little pleasures! Vive la France!


  1. Welcome back Ms Poodle and I can see you have had a fabbo time!
    Oh yes, chocolate. Well , sadly we get cadbury's here and I have eaten too much plus ---- I made Rocky Road and we ate that too!! I made it with good french choc - full of marshmellows, turkish delight , almonds, glacee cherries and coconut!
    I am as fat as a pug dog :)

  2. Hello Lady Jicky! It sounds incredible! Mmmm Rocky Road! There were lots of lovely Aussies in Sri Lanka doing you proud - being very party loving, very gorgeous and being total beach worshippers!I just discovered Milo drinks which aren't retailed in the UK - and those are soooo good! You aussies have it all! :)

  3. Oh Poodle - are you being "nice" because there are some Aussie's that are shockers overseas! Especially when "partying" - they are just being yobbo's honestly!
    We do love to travel but some of them.....
    I hope you didn't get the yobs!

  4. No no no!!!! They were lovely! So friendly and really welcoming - I think I have about 5 invitations to stay in Oz now! There weren't any British yobs or Aussie yobs where we were staying, just perfect laid back Poodle pals who like to party (I must admit that drink o clock was pretty early even by my Paris standards!) but seriously - if it's shockers overseas you're after, I believe Brits have the worst reputation in Europe! Hence the move to Paris to do my part to change perceptions! lol! xx

  5. Well , that is good!

    Mind you if there was a "yob a thon" contest a Aussie would give you a darn good run for your money! LOL


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