Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sex and The City 2

So, I guess it's time to talk honestly about Sex and the City 2. The ultimate chick flick movie we have been counting down to. The hype grew to epic proportions with the sneak preview pics of Miranda's 80's hair nightmare, the shots of Carrie not wearing a wedding ring, the scenes caused by Samantha as she walked around NYC in a wedding dress (gasp!)?! The storyline speculation went through the roof!!! So... I braved the cinema, with sky high heels, a tribute-to-Carrie crop top, tight and light demin jeans and my very own name necklace and sat in the cinema bar with cocktails, friends and let the hysteria take over!!!

Not a good look for Miranda

The excitement caused by the ritual of going to see SATC2 was probably more exciting that the film overall. Although it was utterly fabulous in terms of fashion, the story line forgot that the film was supposed to be about the series Sex and the City and the friendships, hardships and female issues our famous four face together. As soon as the girls left the sanity of New York for the sun of Abu Dhari, the characters and the plot seemed to loose it in the heat of the Middle East. The script barely had time to squeeze in conversations between Miranda and Charlotte on the trials of parenting, and Samantha's menopause mania made her into a caricature that didn't look too convincing or empowering...Yam paste on face? Hmmm. Not a good look. Or message.

The SATC girls - in the story line desert...

Ultimately the girls or women as they now are, were all on form in terms of trend, harem pants, maxi dresses, statement shoulders and tropical textiles, but the story line lacked the depth to keep its fans animated. We didn't really feel that convinced by the Aiden kiss- as Samantha says, 'it was just a kiss' it wasn't important. Yes Carrie felt bored, yes she had a kiss, felt bad, cried, had a moment of realization, but it did feel like they were just avoiding the real issue in all of our heads... Are Big and Carrie going to have babies??? Where was the pregnancy scare?
Where was Charlotte's parenting break down?
Why didn't they cause a scene with the braless nanny?

Where was Miranda's cynicism?
What happened to Samantha and Smith?
Why the hell wasn't there more of (topless) Smith Gerrard altogether?

So... the SATC fans are a demanding bunch. We want fashion, drama, tears, tantrums, disasters and most of all, happy endings. But in this film there was monogamy and monotony, cack-handed dealings with muslim traditions and Samantha's bag of condoms. I still love the girls and I take my Poodle hat off to them for their devotion to style, but we wanted more than a fashion show, and a luxury holiday to SATC land, we wanted a taste of their reality and the real issues facing women in their 40's; not Irish boob fluff and yam paste.

As the movie drew to a close, I couldn't help but wonder if SATC should have stuck to the small screen....?

What do you think? The Poodle wants your thoughts???


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  1. et en français ça donne quoi :)

  2. I agree but what about the GAY wedding?????? That earnt them some points!

  3. I liked the first movie, but was very dissapointed by the second. It's clear they made it without working too much on... well, anything, and just wanted to cash in some more on the buzz after the first.

    A shame, if you ask me.

  4. Hi J - thanks for your comments and welcome to the blog! I know we're not alone in thinking the second movie wasn't up to scratch. I guess that was the result when you mix Hollywood, New York and Abu Dhari!

  5. I know it wasn't as great as it could have been but it did have some classic comedy moments like Samantha's arrest and the rapid check out!! I agree that Smith should have been in it more too. He is sooo FIT!


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