Monday, 21 September 2009

British Beauty for a Paris Poodle

The Paris Poodle is on location! Ruff! And to keep this pup from looking far from rough I can divulge my must have best British beauty buys which have made it to Paris in my cosmetics bag...

First and foremost my trusted Liz Earle favourites – this British beauty brand has only been around 15 years but is already a landmark natural skincare brand set to become an English version of the US EsteĆ© Lauder Empire. Their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is an instant reviver at the end of a day’s travelling on Eurostar. This is the best cleanser ever invented which allows one to remove any trace of the most minute imperfection- daily grime, old makeup and even extra waterproof mascara (which should always be worn for teary goodbyes). As well as this wonder product which this Paris Poodle has used morning and night for many years, I have also brought my Liz Earle Superbalm, which has the added advantage that I can say it with a fabulous French accent; Sup –er Balm! And it really is super! This multi purpose wonder balm is made entirely with plant waxes and oils and not only makes my lips silky smooth and kissable but also works its powers to repair dry cuticles and dry skin, nourish nails and groom fly away hair. With an addictive aroma of lavender, neroli and rosehip this is surely one of Britain’s finest exports.

Aside from the British born Liz Earle, this Paris Poodle had to have one last nose about in that good old reliable British institution, Boots. The Poodle pickings here could be endless but I will for now share just 2... at the top of the list – I made sure I walked away from Boots equipped with No.7’s Perfect and Protect Beauty Serum; the must have prolonger of perfection. Proven to work because of its active pentapeptides this is my bedtime, travel time, morning and night time emergency skin smoother – a short few moments away from beautiful skin.

Also in my basket from Boots was Natural Collection lip-gloss in Turkish Delight – very pleasing against an ivory skin tone. I truly believe that lip-gloss is one of life’s most satisfying oral pleasures and at only £1.99 Natural Collection at Boots really gets my tail wagging. It smells delightfully fruity, gives gloss, colour and sparkle and at such a price you can’t go wrong! After all as soon as you gloss up you are either eating, drinking or French kissing again – mwah mwah – better get the gloss out again!

For glam parties alongside the Seine, I also bought some Biradari Shimmering Body Oil from Covent Garden’s The Sanctuary . This gives skin an irresistible shimmer and intense hydration as it is rich in Sweet Almond Oil and vitamin E. Apparently based on an Indonesian cleansing ritual with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, this is still most definitely one of my favourite British beauty buys and at just £9.99 it’s a bargain buy for a gorgeous glow! You must buy this for those that you love because they will certainly love you more after this!
And there you have it – a small cross section of my pampering favourites from Grande Bretagne – GRAND!


  1. Oui Oui Oui - this blog is donc perfectionner!! So proud of you. Fill us all in if you find a parisian perfect self tanner xxxxxxx

  2. You had me at "Turkish Delight." I will look for this gloss at Target. (I am in the States.) Wish I could get my mitts on the shimmering body oil; it sounds fabulous. Looking forward to hearing about your French finds.


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