Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fabulous French Fragrance

As well as their reputation for obtuse men, delicious cheeses and a penchant for smoking, the French are renowned for their noses, that is to say, their ability to create the most exquisite, world famous and incomparable landmark fragrances of all time. Chanel No. 5, Miss Dior, Shalimar, are all classic fragrances which are timeless as they are irresistible.
As any Paris Poodle knows, smelling divine is an essential part of your preening routine, as Coco Chanel rightfully said "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Hard to hear but utterly true! And as a new resident of Paris, I thought it fitting to recap the classic French fragrances and list my favourite 3 french fragrance newcomers.

Chanel No. 5
The Mother of all fragrance, the only number associated with style, femininity and class, Chanel No.5 is sophistication in a bottle. Even though one bottle sells every 30 seconds this parfum has only become more iconic with time. Launched in 1921 this i s a parfum classic that has continued to captive, a parfum which has faciliated many costly advertisements with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou and and a parfum which has graced the necks and wrists of the worlds most fabulous women for decades! Who could fail to fall in love with the romanticism of Chanel No.5?With a blend of floral top notes of ylang ylang and neroli, and less alluring sounding synthetic chain notes, this rich seductive scent has its mid notes of rose and jasmine and its base notes of sandalwood and vetvier to thank for its trademark associations of finesse and states of undress... I say take Chanels advice and wear this classic "wherever [you] expect to be kissed."

L’air du Temps
This Nina Ricci fine fragrance was launched in 1948 - some time ago! The perfume itself was designed by Francis Fabron whereas the luxury french glasswear company Lalique assisted with the dove design bottle - very fitting in the post war climate. Nowadays the Paris Poodle has found this uplifting scent continues to have an air of optimism with its sparkling top notes of rosewood and carnation, mid tones of powder room femininity evoked by rose, violet and jasmine and with its woody sensual undertones of musk, sandal, amber and cedarwood. The bottle itself is a work of art ou ouevre- the way a true french classic parfum bottle should be!

Jean Paul Gautier "Classique"

Arguably the most feminine bottle around Classique is really the essence of feminine playfulness and sensuality! This Paris Poodle certainly loves its rosey femininity, its flirtatous orange blossom and ginger and its sensual vanilla base which demands affection, caresses and tenderness. Although this parfum was only launched in 1993 its certainly up there with the best of them.
Yves Saint Laurent - Parisienne

As for whats hot now there have been some delicious new launches in Paris lately that demand a few inches of cybercolumn space here on the Paris Poodle - upfront, and no prizes for guessing... Yves Saint Laurent! and their new fragrance, Parisienne - with Miss Moss fronting their campaign and a name that encapsulates the essence of Paris dwellers and wannabes everywhere, I loved it before I even inhaled its fresh invigorating fragrance! A sweet urban fragrance that combined vinyl tones with cranberry, vetvier and damask rose, I love this newcomer! Although the eau de toilette didnt seem to last that long the Paris Poodle still thinks this is the perfect fragrance to wear on sunny days walking along the seine and shopping in the afternoon before stopping for a vin rouge. It is Parisienne after all!

Guerlain – Idyll

Another romantic sweetie is the new launch from Frances finest fragrance house - Guerlain. Their new parfum, Idyll, is the love of love in a bottle - romantic heady and bittersweet. With rosy notes combined with patchouli, white musk and freesia this tear drop shaped bottle is definately a young sexy fragrance, the likes of which may lead to many heads turning as you walk past leaving a trail of lily of the valley, jasmine and lilac. A floral whirlwind inspired by young french maidens pondering the timeless question; 'he loves me he loves me not '...
And last but not least, the Poodle has fallen in love with the paradox that is...

Givenchy - Ange ou Demon - Le Secret

Another delicate floral it may be, but this citrus scent combines green tea and citrus with musk and blonde woods to leave a light and fresh inticing aroma that leaves one smelling very clean and angelic, which is the perfect smell to have when one wants to behave badly! Although the Poodle prefers heady, strong fragrances, for a citrus Le Secret has got it just right!

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