Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Make it a nice November

Being November and all, I imagine lots of other Poodle pups are also feeling somewhat forlorn and depressed. The relentless Paris rain we had over the weekend meant I couldn’t even go walkies – that meant no lingerie lusting, hot chocolate sampling or jardin de plantes exploring. No ‘ing’s at all. I spent all weekend and most of this week just vegging which out of all the ‘ings’ is not really that exciting....

It’s a difficult month to get through – and inevitably November means you find yourself going into hibernation mode. For the Paris Poodle that means home comforts – endless cups of tea, cosy slippers and boxes of chocolates to pick your way through whilst reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In November you say no to going out and oui to staying in and watching French X Factor – (which really doesn’t have the right to use the X Factor name because it is SOOO pallid in comparison).

However, rather than having a typical November of retreating into comfort food and counting down til the Xmas lights go on, I have decided to turn November around – and you can too! It is a nothing month, and as the nights are so long, there is plenty of time to use the extra dark hours to your advantage. As far as poodling to perfection goes, it’s a great opportunity for some hibernation beautification.

With December the only month of the year where it’s bad form to be anything other than perfectly glamorous it’s November that counts – the beauty bother taken now, will all be worth it when you are the most radiant of them all throughout Decembers demanding social calendar.
So prepare for party season, treat yourself, relax at home with hair masks and intensive treatments, foot baths and brightening creams, lotions and potions, cosy and smug in the knowledge that your indulgent November pampering is the prerequisite for a partytastic, glamourgorgeous, mistletoemagical, snowsparkle perfect Christmas!

To begin this month of at home self petpampering I suggest....

Mizani H20 Intense Night Time Treat by L’Oreal
Perfect for proper Poodles with curly locks the Mizani H20 Intense Night Time Treat by L’Oreal (20 euros) is a very effective overnight treatment for hair that is course or rebellious. Although I would say this doesn’t describe my hair, I tried this in a small quantity to restrenghten the ends of my hair which were becoming a little wayward. After massaging the somewhat gloopy liquid through your hair you leave this on all night and by morning your hair will feel soft, smell divine and will look a lot less frazzled. It really is a miracle as your hair feels like liquid silk when you wash it out in the shower. It’s actually formulated for Afro hair but it happily works a treat on Caucasian hairs as well – an all round must have for extra beautiful, well conditioned hair. L’Oreal claim that the shea butter and vitamin rich formula with its ceramide hair strengthening technology can improve the strength of your hair- you can use this several times a week to tame your hair in party perfect condition.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Extreme Foot Therapy Cream
I love Crabtree & Evelyn – their stores are just so full of intoxicating fragrances and smells and their many beauty sets are little oeuvres d’art – all matchy matchy in quintessentially English packaging (even if it is traditionally a US company, it’s English inspired creations are spot on). It’s a haven of sweet smelling creams, soaps and delicious room sprays, twee draw liners and candles – the perfect ingredients to create a cosy environment for your November pampreening!

Il faut aller – you must go – if it’s the one outing you have all November there are enough lovelies to buy in this one shop to last you all month – if nothing else make sure you buy their La Source Extreme Foot Therapy Cream to prepare your tootsies for your winter high heels. With its softening seaweed extract and its light matt texture your feet are left moisturised but not greasy, leaving them smooth and soft. Having your feet massaged is one of the best ways to bliss so idealement get someone to massage this in for you! And if you are in Crabtree & Evelyn buy their Organic English Country Lemon Curd at your own risk – it’s ADDICTIVE! I am also relying heavily upon their Earl Grey Tea Caddy and their English Breakfast Cookies whilst in Paris when the urge for a ‘nice cuppa’ exceeds the need for ‘cafe au lait’. http://www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk/

Montagne Jeuness Green Tea Peel Off Masque
This one use mask is 97p. So, its budget, but it does work! A cheap pick me up this mask is actually made with some good quality natural ingredients and as a BUAV and Peta Proggy Award Winner this one’s also very animal friendly – great news for the Paris Poodle! With green tea and root ginger extract and a refreshing squeeze of lemon this peel off mask deep cleanses and refreshes the skin leaving pores cleansed and your complexion feeling zingy, fresh and radiant. Plus the packaging is super kitsch – aka irresistible!! http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/

Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment
I use this a lot during the winter – when my skin is drier than normal – this is a great one to whack on at home and get on with things (Telly watching, reading, learning the subjunctive) – its highly nourishing and hydrating and sinks right into your skin – you will need to wash this one off though but you can immediately see a difference – your skin is softer, any lines are less defined and you feel as though you have done your skin a good deed. With its natural formula of borage, shea butter and St John’s Wart extracts your sad winter skin will soon be smiling once again! http://www.lizearle.com/

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  1. That foot cream looks so luxurious! Just the thing to get one through a cold November :)


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