Monday, 1 March 2010

The Tourist... and other Paris films

With today being the first day of Spring, Paris, right on cue is taking it all in its' stride. The skies are cloudless blue and the weather is warmer, even the occasional bud can be seen on the trees in Bois de Boulogne. The city seems to be reawakening from its rainy grey skied winter, and the Poodle has been out enjoying hustle and bustle...

With this glorious weather in this gorgeous city, it's only fitting that you should also have gorgeous people out in force, therefore it was almost no surprise that whilst the Poodle was exploring the ice cream on offer at Hagen Daas at metro Palais Royale Musée de Louvre, that I came across Angelina Jolie.

Filming for The Tourist has begun in Paris following a period in Venice where Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have been sighted. Although this Paris pup didn't have her appareil photo with her, luckily the popsicles pretties over at Pop Sugar had their pap team ready and waiting, check out these photos below:

As one of the most aesthetically pleasing places known to Poodles, fashionistas and thinkers, Paris has long been the inspiration behind many a film. Until The Tourist (directed by Florian Hecknel) is released, here are my top 3 Paris based films:

1. Funny Face (1957)

This classic 1957 film not only features Paris, it also has style icon Audrey Hepburn dancing around on Parisian balconies and parading the catwalk when she is chosen as the new face of top New York fashion magazine. With a musical twist and fabulous full skirted costumes, it’s kitsch as Christmas, and definitely one of the Paris Poodle’s top 3!

2. Paris je t'aime (2006)

No other film says so much about Paris in only a few short segments. A beautiful patch work of Parisian love stories and half started curiosities, are all filmed against the backdrop of the Marais, Tuileries and Montmatre in this long film of shorts. This is a MUST watch for all Francophiles and Paris addicts alike!

3. Amélie Poulain (2001)

Quirky, stylish, romantic and eccentric! This film is everything that makes Paris, and Audrey Tatou so adorable and appealing!

What are your favourite Paris films? Share!

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  1. yes here comes the spring in Paris :) !
    love your blog !

  2. I adore Amelie (who does not!) but I have a "thing " for the actress Catherine Frot and so I loved her in "Me and my Sister" and the wonderful movie that is sadly not known - "Chaos"! Both set in Paris
    I do love Jean Reno so anything with him in it too!! LOL
    I must say - Ms Jolie looks unreal - like a barbie doll - or is it me?

  3. Hi Bow Factory! J'adore votre blog aussi - tres mignon! C'est adorable. Quelles sont vos endroits prefere de Paris pour le printemps?

    Lady Jicky! I will look out for that one as well! Although only partially filmed in Paris, classics like La Grande Vadrouille are great for understanding french humour - and they are very funny too! Bourvil is great! I also love Chacun Cherche son Chat which is set in Paris, where Chloe (Garance Clavel) goes all over the city looking for her lost cat. Love the simplicity and poignancy of french films!

    And yes, Ms Jolie is far too out-of-this-world beautiful to look even half real! Those lips! Qu-est qu'elle est belle! (as the French would say!)

  4. Amelie Poulain! Le film a regarder quand on déprime! Un condensé de joie de vivre ce film!



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