Thursday, 18 February 2010

Desert Island Essentials

The Poodle has the pleasure of an upcoming holiday in the Indian Ocean, where the sun never ceases to shine! Being an active sort of a pup, I am looking forward to surfing, sightseeing and exploring temples to tea plantations. With so much to do, I'm asking a lot from my current make up bag. Naturally, along with my wardrobe, the makeup I'm going to be bringing also requires intensive planning.

First and foremost, waterproof mascara and anti slip foundation are must haves. The Paris Poodle is in the midst of deciding between dozens of waterproof mascaras, eye liners and SPF make up... here's my shortlist so far, but if you know of any other make up miracles which can survive intense heat, and an action packed holiday agenda, tell this Paris Poodle - share your treasured desert island finds...

Let's start with eyes.... for your pretty peepers, waterproof mascara and eyeliner are essentials- so that you can look photo shoot worthy at any given moment. Who knows where you could be papped next? My old faithful Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof mascara with a massive plasticy bristled brush is very reliable when it comes to having luscious lashes in sun, heat and sea. It's affordably priced (check it out on where it is only £7.99) and stays on wonderfully.

A close contender is Urban Decay's Big Fatty in Waterproof. The name says it all. Big fat brush means lovely separated glossily coated lashes. The 60's inspired packaging is absolutely irresistible as well! I want this in my make up bag come rain or shine!

Waterproof eyeliner is notoriously difficult to find. However, after parading across Paris, visiting different outlets and beauty parlors from La Defense to Montparnasse, I have concluded that MAC's liquid last eyeliner in black is the one to stay put until you say so. Obedient and reasonably priced at £13.50, this is a dependable little eye liner that can survive water, tears and tiredness.

SPF make up is essential for sunshiny days, holidays and everlasting youth... therefore, I am going to be using Clinique’s Almost Make Up SPF15 which gives a natural hint of colour, with a sheer, lightweight finish that won't weigh your skin down in the heat.

For lips and cheeks I want to keep it really simple- and have discovered the good quality make up of Eyes, Lips, Face - elf Their Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15 comes in a multitude of delicious colours - Juiced Berry and Goddess are personal favourites of mine..! For rosy cheeks, the Poodle recommends Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Cream Blush as it gives cheeks a dewy, healthy glow and won't clog your pores; powders are a definite no no!

What are your favourite holiday make up must haves? Tell the Poodle!


  1. it's not really makeup, but two of my beach-going must haves as a bottle of bumble & bumble tonic and a wide-tooth comb to spritz in my hair and detangle after a swim (in the ocean or the pool). i hope you have a lovely time!! i think i need to check out that cream blush!

  2. Hi Chickster! Welcome to the Paris Poodle! I have been meaning to try out Bumble and Bumble for a while - will definately do so now - a great excuse to start bumbling! Do try out the cream blush - Im sure they sell it stateside too, the texture really is delicious!

  3. I love NARS the multiple in Orgasm/ South beach. It is a wonderful cream blush (duo) that looks great with a tan! Love your essentials...

  4. If I am going to a sunny place it just has to be sunscreen . I have been having big problems finding one I can put on my face - eyes just sting like crazy and no I don't put on or near the eyes either - very fume sensitive.
    I might just try that clinque almost makeup one.
    Otherwise - a great lipstick colour - for makeup in the heat just slips off.
    Wishing you a great time!
    Oh - I paint my toenails a great colour too. Nice walking in the sand :) with pretty nails.

  5. Absolutely Miss Jicky - lovely pedicured toe nails are a must - Im totally going to treat myself to a reflexology session whilst I'm away - foot heaven awaits! Sorry to hear about your suncreen bothers, sometimes natural mineral sunscreens are better - but they can leave a trace of whiteness on the skin as they use tiny light reflecting particles- in any case they are much more comfortable for those with sensitive skin. Have you tried Natural Instinct's Mineral Sunscreen - its' fragrance free and available in oz!

    Daily Connoisseur - thanks for the NARS Orgasm tip off - I have heard so many great things about this I simply have to invest to test it! Although it's going to be a good while before I start to tan - I'm ghostly pale!

    I have only 2 weeks to wait! No doubt there'll be more beauty and fashion moments to report on before then! xxx

  6. Going to hunt that one out Poodle! Thanks.
    May I ask - what island you are off to?

  7. Sri Lanka! Have you ever been? Bisous

  8. No I have not been there but ... they say its beautiful those who have travelled to Sri Lanka!

    Next time it must the Whitsunday Islands , Australia in the Great Barrier Reef - its beautiful and the snorkling !! and perhaps a flight down to Sydney and then Melbourne - my neck of the woods!! LOL

  9. I have heard only great things about the Whitsunday islands! I would love to go down under one day - I'm sure there is a thriving beauty scene that I could get my teeth into! What are your favourite Ozzie brands Lady Jicky?


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