Sunday, 15 August 2010

The new way to propose: Lavin's Marry Me

Marry Me - the new fragrance from Lavin is the Poodle's latest beauty lust item. Attending its launch event, in the discreet and beautiful Lavin showroom, surrounded by dainty silk wedding dresses - vintage style slips and chiffon creations 'perfect for any city weddings' (the PR's assured me) I knew that whatever I was about to smell was going to be floral, romantic with an urban twist.

Their latest fragrance creation, which launches this month is supposed to encapsulate the impulsive love rush emotion-explosion felt when you want to propose 'Marry me!' or rather, this is what those two words actually smell like - intriguing non?

Well, I was intrigued, and it turns out that Lavin's sparkling, feminine fragrance with it's initial top notes of Tunisian bitter orange, jasmine and rose do go some way in expressing that youthful exclaimation. And it's certainly a head turner - I was asked 3 times what I was wearing in one morning. The warm undertones of white cedar, amber and musk make offer a comforting finish - perhaps, that is what marriage offers too? Comfort with musk.

Nonetheless it is a fresh and uplifting fragrance which I spritz whenever I want to smell deliciously girly. The advert for the fragrance fulfils my Parisian ideals perfectly too - a young and gorgeous couple smiling white smiles together, in the Jardin du Luxembourg sharing a very French looking bicycle and looking very much in love. La vie est belle in Paris it's true. But heuresement in London we still have Lavin - praise be!

Th Poodle is sure that this launch will provoke rose and bitter orange scented marriage proposals left right and center, making it a difficult one for your man to buy if you just want the fragrance and aren't really looking for a ring... hmmm problematic - that could interfere with sales. We'll see!

Lavin - Marry Me, available at Harvey Nichols from September 11th for £32, but goes nationwide in October. Lovestruck ladies - forward him this post now!


  1. Ooo! What a great idea for a perfume - I would love to get a ring, a proposal and a perfume all at once - brilliant.

  2. I know - just as long as they don't forget the ring! It may be a 'sparkling fragrance' but it's not the same as a sparkling diamond!

  3. great name for a perfume!

    love your blog, I'm following!

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