Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Edge of Fashion

So the Spring/Summer shows have been paraded and assessed and one thing is for sure, edges are the accessory of the season whether they are crocheted, lacy, streamlined, ruffled or frayed. The Poodle investigates the edge of fashion....

The tearaway trend is one that has really caught my eye; I’m in love with Prada’s raw edged haut couture. Freshly cut silk blouses and shorts are shot through with the creative chaos of creation, giving a new meaning to ready to wear. Subtle but savage with threads a trailing and jagged frayed lines, this is fashion barely born.

Take a look at this:

Sophisticated but sexy, chic but not too proper, Prada has captivated the imagination of the Poodle, and the best thing is that it is thoroughly re-creatable on a budget- I’m tempted to rip, snip, cut and tear into my wardrobe, trimming length and teasing threads loose to recreate the whimsical yet feral femininity of these 2010 collections. What a fabulous crunch friendly fashion. The Poodle approves.

With this tearaway trend ripping up the runway now is the time to hurl yourself into vintage shops, charity shops and get hunting for a silk camisole, a satin patterned shirt, some skimpy shorts, and take them home with you and let the scissors loose! It may be messy but without looking ‘too much’ as the French like to say sounding ever so Anglophone. I agree! Let fashion rip!

And if the frayed edge look isn’t for you, there is a multitude of other ways to wear your hem. Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce & Gabbana opted for crochet for a home spun chic that is more gorgeous than granny, Madonna looks fabulous in D&G’s crochet wrap dress in their ad campaign although the Poodle thinks they should have let her finish her pasta before taking the shot!

Who would have thought that Madge ate carbs?

Lace is still a big OUI from the fashion authorities and if anyone did it justice on the runway it was Chanel with their fragile lace layering in shades of pastel pink and sugar white.

Luckily RARE have this great lacy number for £80 which won’t break the bank but will give you a girly edge over the fashionista competition on your next night out!

Fuffles, ruffles, frou frous and flounce flirted with many a model at the Spring/Summer shows, but the designer who really got the ruffles right according to the Poodle’s exacting ruffle standards, was Lavin, who came up with this fabulous feminine but feisty dress:

Fortunately you can buy this Lavin inspired ‘One shouldered wired ruffle dress’ on Asos for £38.00. Bargain beautiful!

How do you like your edges? Let the Poodle know your thoughts!


  1. I like the ruffles for sure! I suppose Madge would go for carbs in some way....doesn't she have an Italiam heritage? CHEERS! Michele

  2. I really like the edges and I love the lace number! adorable...

  3. Francis in France3 February 2010 at 00:17

    I love the tidy but torn edges from Prada too but the crochet look can't catch on can it? I think its far too bulky! Cute post Poodle! x

  4. I once met a male model who only ate sushi because bread = carbface and he wasn't going to spoil his looks for a bagette. I hope carb eaters everywhere realise that this carbface is a load of balonie! Madge may be of Italian heritage but Im sure as any figure loving celeb she obeys the no carbs after 5 rule. An approach which really wouldn't work in France! Thankfully the lace, torn edges and even crochet work fabulously on fine French legs all over Paris!


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