Saturday, 6 February 2010

Paris Valentine Essentials

Cliches aside, Paris can't help but be a city of romance. The men and women are gorgeous and groomed, the streets are cobbled or accessorised with quaint candlelit street side tables, and rose vendors on the metro are a constant feature. With all the romance that is in the air this week, in the count down to Saint Valentine's Day, the best of Paris really comes to life, and somehow you start seeing people in love whereever you are. The romantic possibilities in Paris are countless. Even just walking through Jardin de Tulleries today, a sudden heavy snowfall transformed the park into a winter lovers paradise. Couples embrassed, locked in full french kiss mode, as the snow speckled their behatted heads, the Poodle couldn't help but smile at the obvious romance of it all.

If Paris is the city of love, then the flower of love is most definately the rose. Whether it is in beauty balms, lotions, perfumes or tea, the delicate floral aroma is always associated with femininity and love.

As, sadly, this Paris pup is not expecting to receive a dozen red roses this Sunday, I have treated myself to some rosey themed treats and thought I would share them with you.

First up, is the most delicious smelling beauty product I have had the pleasure of daubing myself with since my Guerlain lipstick buy. Le Baume Precieux Or de Rose by Terry (15ml), is at 49euros somewhat of a beauty indulgence, but it is the most strikingly lovely beauty product that I carry around with me at ALL times. With flecks of real gold and the shimmering rose fragranced balm, this ultra reflective precious product gives lips a shimmering prettiness that can also be used to highlight cheek bones or dotted along eyelids for an extra chic sparkle.

Next up, is the new perfume from Dolce & Gabanna, Rose The One. The whole fragrance was based on a 'love for Scarlett' according to Dolce, who thinks that she is the one person in the world who best sums up femininity...pushing aside my strong dislike of such a statement, I still recommend this perfume for its romance. The fruity and musky combination of blackcurrant, pink grapefruit, mandarin, lily of the valley, rose, peony, Madonna lily, ambrette seed, sandalwood, musk and vanilla is one that is fresh, feminine and certainly seductive. In spite of my resistance to Scarlett (who loves herself so much that its actually vulgar), the sparkling top notes are as inviting as the woody musky base notes. If there's anything women should take from Scarlett it is her ability to attract men so if this is Scarlett bottled, then for V Day, I'm going to have to spritz myself from here til Sunday!

Last but not least is Boots Botanics Rose Water Toner. A good old simple, dependable beauty product. It has an astringent aspect to it which I love to use to attack spots, remove stubborn fake tan stains or whenever I feel my skin needs an intense toning session and it only costs a few pennies at £3.91- why not treat yourself to this one with your Boots cards points next time?

One other rose themed treasure I have come across is the Rose The cafe in the 11th arrondisement (104 avenue Ledru Rollin) which has a heavenly choice of tea, pastries and hot chocolates, which you can enjoy in the most gorgeously pink and girly decor. In case you happen to be lucky enough to be whisked away to gay Paris for a long weekend of love making and sight seeing, do stop in for a quite pause and people watch the Parisians outside. It's truely cosy and utterly Poodle tastic!

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With love

The Paris Poodle x


  1. I love roses and have always wanted to try the by Terry line! You are very lucky to spend Valentine's Day in Paris... sweetheart or not!

  2. You must get your hands on the Terry line - their products work magic on your skin and they feel so luxurious as well! Looking forward to my first Paris Valentines day - anything can happen in this city! Gros Bisous!

  3. I wish you a wonderful Valentines Day - in Paris you never know what will happen! :)

  4. Love your blog ! like the way you writing !

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I did have a wonderful Valentine's Day of beautifying products and delicious french cuisine! Of course, every day is romantic in this town in its' own special way! Hope everyone else had a great day - were any of you ladies treated to some true romance? x


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