Sunday, 10 January 2010

Forward thinking fashion...

Think fierce, flirty, feminine for Spring 2010.

So.... it's a new year - that means a new wardrobe! Get ahead and scan the Jan' sale rails and charity/vintage shops for pieces that echo the 2010 Spring trends that will see you through the seasons. The Poodle and her style spies recommend the following...

Look out for corseted, boned tops and dresses - although they suggest boudoir, the fashion authorities have spoken - underwear is set to be the new outer-wear for Spring - that means dainty lace, transparent fabric, sculpting whale bone corsets and bustier tops. Think Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour, but dumb the look down so you can pull it off on the street, without being mistaken for a streetwalker.
Other than sumptuous silks, lady like lace lace and lolita lingerie inspired dresses, Spring 2010 is calling for other wardrobe staples...for example, the baby doll dress like this one from Luella:

As for colours, if you come across ivory, black, nude and beige, then you should be bang on trend for Spring - the barely there palette of pastels is back with the odd exclaimation of black punctuation! Take Lagerfelds word for it at Chanel:

Cutesy, short, flirty and fun - that is what Spring dressing should all be about - and although it may be dark and cold outside, there's no time like the present to prepare for future fashions whilst foraging through the sales this month!


  1. Interesting to see what is ahead. I am not the age to wear some of those let me tell you but its still fun to see if it makes my shores in our spring - which is Sept. I am in Australia so I guess those girls could wear them here right now as its going to be 43c today! Yep, that hot .

  2. Cute Baby doll dresses - all looks quite London to me! The Luella cut out heart dress is adorable. Who's the pink dress by? Looks like a sleeker version of Minnie Mouse!

  3. The naughty pink dress is by Milly - and you're right the Luella dress IS adorable! now have some Luella inspired dresses like this, but with boohoo inspired prices!
    And Lady Jicky - sounds lovely and hot down under - personally this Poodle can't wait for warmer times ahead - there really is so much snow/rain/drizzle one can take!


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