Monday, 11 January 2010

Make away with the January Blues

The Paris Poodle has been fending off the January blues with whatever means possible. And if there's anything that is guaranteed to equal instant happy (minus severe purse pain), its make up shopping! Well - if you followed my plan to clear out the crap from your make up bag, then you'll naturally soon feel the need to replenish it with new wonderful cosmetics!

And although spring make up may be calling out for fresh faced nude lips and make up minimalism, seeing as MAC have just launched a French lace boudoir inspired collection of seductive mauves, cloud greys and startling white, as the Paris Poodle it would be rude not to check it out - purely for the purposes of pampering... check out this palette of pastels... I indulged in the mauve shimmering Hypnotizing shade! It's got Paris under its spell!

From searching in Sephora sales I have also picked up a gorgeous lippy (with 50% off) in the perfect shade of barely-there 'Purely Pearl' this one is subtle, feminine and a great choice to ensure my lips are on trend this spring! The only thing is, it doesn't stay on for that long - so it will probably only last me through the spring at the rate I'm reapplying!

Another lipstick which I am in love with is my recently discovered Guerlain 671 Maxi Shine in Baby Shine - a moisturising candy stripe pink! Not only does it make my lips feel incredibly soft, leave them sparkling with seductive shimmer, it also smells delicious; with its sweet violet tones, this lipstick plumps and smooths and seduces with its girlishly gorgeous candy floss gloss! C'est l'amour!

Its Guerlain gorgeous!


  1. I am off to the city today for lunch with the girls and then a spot of my fav thing to do -- perfume and cosmetic shopping!!!
    I shall be checking out the Guerlains, Goutals , Fred Malles (if the dept store has installed their spot there yet ) and all the lippies I can spot> I shall be thinking of you while I check out the MAC and Guerlain lippies!!!

  2. Sounds like fun! What beauty finds did you come home with?!

  3. I came home with None! We were running late the traffic was shocking so.....

    Next time!
    *Had a great lunch with the girls though :)


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