Monday, 4 January 2010

Make Up Management

As promised, Project January commences...! First things first, resolutions, rules and re-hauls are needed. Starting the year off in the best way possible can only pave the way for fabulous things ahead. So let's start with the face - and that mean's clearing out your make up bag!

The state of make up bags across Paris (and beyond) is shockingly unkempt - despite the Parisians addictions to designer make up brands galore there are half broken, over used, over stuffed make up bags crying to be cleared out! Especially so after Christmas, when you've recieved more MAC make up sets and lip glosses than can ever be used up by one girl -the sheer quantity of flawless foundations, lash longifiers and blush beautifiers is overwhelming!
Of course, it would be sinful to throw out your half used NARS lipstick or Urban Decay Eye Liner, but there is a way to manage your make up...
Here are the rules to getting sorted:
1. Throw out any mascara which no longer bears any writing on the packaging. Considering that mascaras should be replaced every 3-5 months, any packaging fade suggests you've been clinging onto your Boujours Club Mascara for way too long.

2. Sort through your eye shadows - are you really going to be wearing that shade of yellow eyeshadow now that the summer 2008 collections have truely been and gone? Ditch the dreary under used grey eye shadow with the dodgy won't-shut-completely-lid. Spring is on it's way and according to Paris Vogue, it's time to think fresh with nudes, rose and blossom colours.
Let's face it you're not going to recreate this look in 2010!
Rosey, Voguey - that's much better - this spring seasons' make up promises instant pretty!

3. Reject the ugly. That mean's get rid, chuck, throw out, expel from your make up bag any crumbled compacts, cracked bronzers or powder puffs that make an ugly mess all over your hands, dressing table, make up brushes, make up bag more than they beautify. It may be your favourite shade of Clinique powder foundation, but if its broken, you can't fix it. Move on.

Out with the old and in with the new!

These of course are the top 3 rules of make up management. However, suffice to say that to clear out your make up bag will make you feel more organised, and will help you to make up each day in a more organised, more co-ordinated way, which can only be more beautiful in every way!

One other pet hate of the Poodle, is ill matched foundations. Obviously with foundations being the base of all classy cosmetics, it's important to get this right. Make sure that your foundation matches your skin, being the general, most important rule, and if you're not sure, I can thoroughly reccommend Prescriptives for their bespoke blending of high quality make up especially their Flawless Skin foundation which covers imperfections in an instant!

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  1. Was inspired to do a clear out of all my make up after reading this! Thanks PP!


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