Sunday, 17 January 2010

Golden Globes Glamouratti

Christina Hendricks drives Men Mad with her creamy curves

I may be in Paris, but everyone I know and everywhere I go, the beauties of the Golden Globes Glamouratti are being given their obligatory score marks, not for their acting abilities of course, but for their taste, grace and accessories to dress ratios. It's a testing time... but who came out on top for their gorgeousness or ghastliness?

If you're asking the Poodle, the results are clear:

Drew Barrymore stole the style stakes with her classy, sequined Atelier Versace number. The pale ivory of the dress really looks exquisite against Barrymore's own alabaster skin tones. I particularly love the quirky unexpected crystal embellishment at the shoulder and hip - this dress sums up Miss Barrymore perfectly- a natural beauty, classy but kooky! Bravo!
The award for the most emaciated of the evening de”thin”itely goes to Calista Lockhart who looks as though she may fall over any moment under the weight of her Alberta Ferretti dress! Please someone feed the poor thing! I don't care if Kate Moss thinks that 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' - from the languid look on Miss Lockharts face, it doesn't really feel all that wonderful! The Poodle subscribes a healthy portion of pain au chocolat!

It's clear that nearly naked nude was THE colour to be wearing at the GG’s – and there really is something infinitely fascinating, alluring and daring about wearing nude. Just think what a stir Shakira caused in her kitsch-eriffic ‘She Wolf’ video! Nude remains one of those colours which you have to be stunningly beautiful and utterly svelte to pull off, which is probably why it featured so much on GG red carpet. I think you'll agree that Toni Collette, one of my favourite ladies from 'down under' looks sexily sublime in this sandy sparkle sprinkled dress from the talented Elie Saab.

The Glamaratti took to the red runway with minimal, lady like, startlingly classic make up and orderly up-do's with the odd rebellious strand tumbling away to flutter around their beautiful faces! For the Poodle, she who is the fairest of them all, has to be Kate Winslet - her make-up is impeccable and she has the Madonnesque dark eyebrows/blonde hair combination that I find absolutely naughty and irresistible! She is absolutely one of those women who look ever more beautiful over time! Qu-est qu'elle est belle!

Kate Winslet - Golden girl


  1. For some reason they just did not show the Globes on our TV this year. maybe it does not rate like it used to? We will get the Oscars - that does have alot of people watching here.
    I agree about Calista - why people dance around the fact that she looks and probably is anorexic I will never know! That is why I feel alot of women like Kate Winslet - she said she got down to a very low weight once and it was so hard to maintain and feel good so she gave that the big boot and started eating and keeping a healthy weight for her size and age! Looks great too!!!

  2. I totally agree - it is such a shame that women (especially celebrities) have the pressure to be as thin as possible. At least we have our lovely womanly Winslet who is both sensible and sexy! Christina Hendricks does a very good ad for curves too - although I think someone spent too much time on their blusher! xxx

  3. Oh yes she did "hit" the blusher alot didn't she and I kind of think she has implants - what do you think?

  4. Tout est dans la lumière que recèle un regard, plus la lumière est claire, plus elle nous éblouie....... Et pour ne pas en devenir aveugle, il suffit de faire un petit mouvement des paupières pour s'en laisser pénétrer doucement, mais merveilleusement .
    Du fruit de ces merveilles, nait le plus éclatants des soleils.......

    Jean François

  5. 要持續更新下去喲!!祝你心情愉快 .........................................

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Miss Thang has had some help to achieve such a glorious bust!

  7. Coucou Petit caniche parisien!

    Alors alors: le rose pâle, c'est l'avenir? En voyant ces robes, on voit qu'il y a une tendance à exploiter :)

    Plein de bisous, et n'oublie pas: Mamma mia! (j'ai acheté le DVD après notre soirée chez Anne-Sophie)

  8. Hi Constance, Yes the Paris Poodle is here! I loved the lingerie themed house party! I tried to buy your top in smoke but it wasn't in my size! Booo!
    Big bisous and no I haven't forgotten - Mamma Mia is coming to Paris this week!


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